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USLGE members match international producers with sources in the United States that offer genetics with superior credentials. The combined resources of USLGE members include most major species and breeds — resources that are unmatched by any other single organization.

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USLGE members include a broad base of U.S. livestock organizations (dairy, beef, swine, horse, sheep, and goats) as well as embryo and semen industries, the livestock export sector, and State Departments of Agriculture.

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U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai today announced the appointment of 130 new private-sector representatives to serve on 7 agricultural trade advisory committees (ATACs) that represent the diversity of U.S. agriculture. The new group of advisors will join the 70 existing committee members whose terms have not expired. The newly appointed committee members will serve until August 2027, and the committees will be supplemented by additional appointments over the next 4 years. 

Appointees to the ATAC for Trade in Animals and Animal Products from the USLGE membership include Suzanne Ryan-Numrich (Kansas Department of Agriculture), Dr. Martin Sieber (President/CEO, USLGE), and Jay Weiker (National Association of Animal Breeders). This ATAC advises, consults with, and makes recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative on trade policy activities and provides advice and information on trade issues that affect both domestic and foreign production and trade concerning animals and animal products.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Aug. 24, 2023)


USDA Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small will lead the first-ever U.S. agribusiness trade mission to Luanda, Angola, on November 28 – December 1, 2023.

“When it comes to trade opportunity, Sub-Saharan Africa is both promising and often over-looked, and the USDA trade mission to Angola presents an incredible prospect for U.S. food and agriculture exporters to expand and explore new business opportunities,” said Torres Small. “Angola is one of the largest markets in Africa, and with imports making up more than half of its food market, Angola is a perfect location for U.S. exporters to introduce more American-made products to African consumers.”

While in Angola, participants will conduct business-to-business meetings with potential buyers, receive in-depth market briefings from FAS and industry trade experts, and participate in site visits and other networking opportunities. In addition to meeting with importers in Angola, U.S. participants will also meet with buyers from neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo.

The deadline to apply for the Angola trade mission is Friday, September 1. The application form is available online. To learn more about this and other USDA agribusiness trade missions, visit fas.usda.gov/topics/trade-missions.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Aug. 11, 2023)


Have a specific question about U.S. livestock genetics and its export or import? Scott Jensen, an Extension Educator with the University of Idaho, will track down the information that you need.

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Maintaining health is a top priority for U.S. swine operators. Vaccination against disease is of the utmost importance. Hiep Vu of the University of Nebraska shares tips for designing an effective vaccination program, following a welcome from Doug Newcom of the National Swine Registry (NSR).

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Dr. Martin Sieber, USLGE President and CEO, represented USLGE at the Philippines agricultural trade mission sponsored in July 2022 by USDA and led by Foreign Agricultural Service Administration Daniel Whitley. USLGE was 1 of 29 U.S. agribusinesses and farm organizations to participate in the trade mission to Manila, Philippines. The Philippines is the 8th largest market for U.S. agricultural exports, averaging $3.1 billion annually during the last 5 years. Source: USLGE

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