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USLGE members match international producers with sources in the United States that offer genetics with superior credentials. The combined resources of USLGE members include most major species and breeds — resources that are unmatched by any other single organization.

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USLGE members include a broad base of U.S. livestock organizations (dairy, beef, swine, horse, sheep, and goats) as well as embryo and semen industries, the livestock export sector, and State Departments of Agriculture.

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The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) partnered with USLGE along with the Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Tennessee Departments of Agriculture to participate in a trade mission to Mexico from October 25 to 28, 2022. Participants of the trade mission were Kansas cattlemen Dirck Hoagland of J&N Ranch, Leavenworth, and Daniel Mushrush of Mushrush Red Angus, Strong City. The focus of the mission was to build relationships and expand international marketing opportunities for purebred beef cattle genetics in Mexico. 

The trade mission to Mexico was possible through KDA’s membership in USLGE, with funding from USDA's Market Access Program. KDA supports all facets of agriculture, including lending support to those who wish to market and sell beef genetics domestically and internationally. For more information, including upcoming trade mission opportunities, contact KDA international trade director Suzanne Ryan-Numrich at Suzanne.Numrich@ks.gov or 785-564-6704.

Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture (News Releases, Nov. 30, 2022)


USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service Associate Administrator Clay Hamilton arrived today in Madrid to launch a USDA agribusiness trade mission to Spain. More than 70 participants [including USLGE], representing various sectors of U.S. food and agriculture, including businesses, trade associations, and state government, join this trade mission to explore export opportunities for U.S. agricultural products to Spain.

Trade mission participants will have an opportunity to connect with potential customers and learn the mechanics of exporting to Spain. In addition, importers from the neighboring Portugal have also been invited to participate, allowing the U.S. exporters to learn about opportunities in that country as well.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Nov. 28, 2022)


Have a specific question about U.S. livestock genetics and its export or import? Scott Jensen, an Extension Educator with the University of Idaho, will track down the information that you need.

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Maintaining health is a top priority for U.S. swine operators. Vaccination against disease is of the utmost importance. Hiep Vu of the University of Nebraska shares tips for designing an effective vaccination program, following a welcome from Doug Newcom of the National Swine Registry (NSR).

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Dr. Martin Sieber, USLGE President and CEO, represented USLGE at the Philippines agricultural trade mission sponsored in July 2022 by USDA and led by Foreign Agricultural Service Administration Daniel Whitley. USLGE was 1 of 29 U.S. agribusinesses and farm organizations to participate in the trade mission to Manila, Philippines. The Philippines is the 8th largest market for U.S. agricultural exports, averaging $3.1 billion annually during the last 5 years. Source: USLGE

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