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U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai today announced the appointment of 130 new private-sector representatives to serve on 7 agricultural trade advisory committees (ATACs) that represent the diversity of U.S. agriculture. The new group of advisors will join the 70 existing committee members whose terms have not expired. The newly appointed committee members will serve until August 2027, and the committees will be supplemented by additional appointments over the next 4 years. 

Appointees to the ATAC for Trade in Animals and Animal Products from the USLGE membership include Suzanne Ryan-Numrich (Kansas Department of Agriculture), Dr. Martin Sieber (President/CEO, USLGE), and Jay Weiker (National Association of Animal Breeders). This ATAC advises, consults with, and makes recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative on trade policy activities and provides advice and information on trade issues that affect both domestic and foreign production and trade concerning animals and animal products.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Aug. 24, 2023)

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USDA Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small will lead the first-ever U.S. agribusiness trade mission to Luanda, Angola, on November 28 – December 1, 2023.

“When it comes to trade opportunity, Sub-Saharan Africa is both promising and often over-looked, and the USDA trade mission to Angola presents an incredible prospect for U.S. food and agriculture exporters to expand and explore new business opportunities,” said Torres Small. “Angola is one of the largest markets in Africa, and with imports making up more than half of its food market, Angola is a perfect location for U.S. exporters to introduce more American-made products to African consumers.”

While in Angola, participants will conduct business-to-business meetings with potential buyers, receive in-depth market briefings from FAS and industry trade experts, and participate in site visits and other networking opportunities. In addition to meeting with importers in Angola, U.S. participants will also meet with buyers from neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo.

The deadline to apply for the Angola trade mission is Friday, September 1. The application form is available online. To learn more about this and other USDA agribusiness trade missions, visit

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Aug. 11, 2023)

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The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) partnered with USLGE along with the Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Tennessee Departments of Agriculture to participate in a trade mission to Mexico from October 25 to 28, 2022. Participants of the trade mission were Kansas cattlemen Dirck Hoagland of J&N Ranch, Leavenworth, and Daniel Mushrush of Mushrush Red Angus, Strong City. The focus of the mission was to build relationships and expand international marketing opportunities for purebred beef cattle genetics in Mexico. 

The trade mission to Mexico was possible through KDA’s membership in USLGE, with funding from USDA's Market Access Program. KDA supports all facets of agriculture, including lending support to those who wish to market and sell beef genetics domestically and internationally. For more information, including upcoming trade mission opportunities, contact KDA international trade director Suzanne Ryan-Numrich at or 785-564-6704.

Source: Kansas Department of Agriculture (News Releases, Nov. 30, 2022)

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USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service Associate Administrator Clay Hamilton arrived today in Madrid to launch a USDA agribusiness trade mission to Spain. More than 70 participants [including USLGE], representing various sectors of U.S. food and agriculture, including businesses, trade associations, and state government, join this trade mission to explore export opportunities for U.S. agricultural products to Spain.

Trade mission participants will have an opportunity to connect with potential customers and learn the mechanics of exporting to Spain. In addition, importers from the neighboring Portugal have also been invited to participate, allowing the U.S. exporters to learn about opportunities in that country as well.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Nov. 28, 2022)

USDA, Trade missions/shows

USDA Deputy Secretary Dr. Jewel Bronaugh led an ambitious and successful trade mission to Nairobi, Kenya, and Zanzibar, Tanzania, October 31 to November 4. During the course of 5 days, Bronaugh and a delegation of leaders from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), 25 U.S. agribusinesses and farm organizations [including USLGE], and 5 State Departments of Agriculture, traveled to 4 cities across 3 regions, conducted 127 business-to-business meetings between U.S. business representatives and foreign importers, met with 2 Presidents and several other dignitaries, and visited a flourishing USDA McGovern-Dole school feeding project.

The jam-packed trade mission succeeded in increasing awareness and boosting sales of high-quality U.S. food and agricultural products to sub-Saharan Africa and bolstering trade ties between the countries. Bronaugh and the delegation reiterated the need to embrace science-driven policies to help grow 2-way trade, increase economic opportunities, and improve food security though agricultural biotech. U.S. companies initially project $4.15 million in expected 12-month sales from the mission.

Examining how innovative technologies can increase economic opportunities in the food and agricultural sectors and improve agricultural resilience in East Africa was a priority during the trade mission. Visits to prospering McGovern-Dole sites highlighted the impact new technologies can have for women and other underrepresented communities.

Trade missions are integral to FAS’s international marketing efforts, offering U.S. exporters a unique opportunity to build in-person relationships with potential buyers, learn first-hand about the market from industry and FAS trade experts, and ultimately generate sales for their businesses while helping feed the world.

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Nov. 28, 2022)

USDA, Trade missions/shows

More than 30 agribusinesses and farm organizations [including USLGE] will visit Madrid, Spain, from November 29 through December 2 for a trade mission sponsored by the USDA. Members of the delegation will engage directly with potential buyers from Spain and Portugal, receive in-depth market briefs from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service and industry trade experts, and participate in site visits.

“One of the key goals of this USDA trade mission is to highlight both our commonalities and what truly sets U.S. foods and ingredients apart from our competitors in the region,” said FAS Associate Administrator Clay Hamilton. “America’s farmers, ranchers, and producers have a compelling story to tell about the quality and sustainability of their agricultural production and we’re confident that their story will resonate with buyers, result in sales, and provide a boost to the agriculture industry back at home.”

Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (News Release, Nov. 22, 2022)

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