The United States has set the standard for breeding technology. Bring U.S. genetics into your operation through artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

  • For cattle, using frozen semen from superior U.S. sires in your breeding herd is a cost-effective way to improve herd genetics
    • 1,200 to 1,500 young U.S. Holstein bulls are progeny tested every year much more than any other country
    • Only 1 in 10 progeny-test bulls goes into active AI service; this selection pressure brings out only the very best
  • Embryo transfer has become a widely used practice among U.S. cattle breeders; the use of superovulation and in vitro fertilization shortens the generation interval and accelerates genetic progress
    • Genetics from top dams and sires are available through frozen embryos and can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.
    • Using this technique, you can conveniently add offspring from top U.S. matings to your herd.