Tennessee Walking Horse

From a smooth-riding trail mount to a high-powered show horse, the Tennessee Walking Horse wears many hats.  Already a favorite for recreational use, this gentle breed is also becoming the mount of choice for ranchers, endurance riders, field trial enthusiasts, mounted patrol units, handicapped riding programs and outfitting operations.  The breed easily adapts to English and Western gear and is the perfect mount for riders of all ages and levels of experience.    

The Tennessee Walking Horse performs three gaits – the flat walk, the running walk and the canter.  The natural, four-beat gait provides a smoother ride than a horse that trots or paces.  One foot remains on the ground at all times.  This footfall absorbs the shock and is the reason for the smooth ride.  The hind legs function like a pair of scissors, driving underneath the body in an overstriding manner.  This overstride is unique to the Tennessee Walking Horse, allowing it to cover great distance with minimal effort.

Today’s Tennessee Walking Horse averages slightly over 15 hands and weighs 405 kg to 545 kg.  The predominant coat colors are black, chestnut, bay and sorrel, but a variety of other colors exist within the breed.  They include palomino, roan, grey, buckskin, overo, tobiano, champagne and cremello.

The Tennessee Walking Worse has impressed many with its “glide ride” and its gentle disposition, and continues to prove itself as one of the most adaptable horses in the world.  “Ride One Today, Own One Tomorrow!” is the motto associated with this smooth-gaited horse.

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