The American Simmental cattle are best described as a performance-tested breed.  Simmentals are docile animals that combine excellent growth, milk, muscle and puberty. 

The American Simmental Association is recognized for its scientific approach to breeding better cattle and beef.  Carcass and meat tenderness testing is a unique aspect of the American Simmental performance program.

Mature Simmental cows will weigh from 455 kg to 680 kg and mature bulls from 1,000 kg to 1,270 kg.  Progeny can easily reach slaughter weights of 500 kg to 610 kg.  Weight per day of age and average daily gain are two areas where the breed excels.

In addition to accelerated growth, Simmental excel in milk and reproduction.  The Simmental cow has been selected for her ability to conceive at 15 months, have a healthy calf as a two-year-old and be able to re-breed while nursing to maintain a 365-day calving interval.

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