Santa Gertrudis

The Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle, named for the Spanish land grant where Captain Richard King first established the King Ranch, were developed to thrive, prosper and gain weight on the native grasses of the South Texas brush country.  Santa Gertrudis are referred to as America's original beef breed and were developed for survival and have been, throughout the years enhanced for profitability.  Santa Gertrudis, horned or polled, possess the traits cattlemen want and demand, whether purebred or commercial.

Santa Gertrudis females are known for their exceptional maternal traits.  These females are fertile and give birth to calves that are small at birth, eliminating most calving difficulties.  The Santa Gertrudis female has strong mothering instincts and takes extraordinary care of her calf.  Under normal management and with adequate nutrition, these females will breed at 12-24 months of age and produce their fist calf as a two-year-old.  The Santa Gertrudis is an above average producer of milk.  Due to this heavy milk production she will also wean a heavier calf.  An economically important bonus that makes money for cattlemen is the longer productive life of the Santa Gertrudis female.  A female can remain in production well past her 12th birthday and may stay in the breeding herd as long as 18 years.

Adaptability is a must to survive in the cattle industry. Santa Gertrudis are adaptable to most climates, environments and terrains.  Their make-up of 3/8 Brahman, 5/8 Shorthorn has proved to be ideal in most of the varied environments around the world.

Santa Gertrudis have proved to be one of the world's leading and most efficient producers of quality beef.  Purebred Santa Gertrudis steers are exceptional feeder calves, that gain rapidly and efficiently while still producing a high quality, lean carcass.  Whether you are producing for purebred, commercial or feedlot animals, Santa Gertrudis combine all the traits needed for performance and profitability.

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