Milking Shorthorn

The Milking Shorthorn is a very versatile breed, which is one of its greatest attributes.  The docile Milking Shorthorn cow efficiently converts grass into large volumes of high quality, low somatic-cell milk during each lactation.  According to U.S. Department of Agriculture records in 2001, Milking Shorthorns on test averaged over 7,700 kg of milk with the second lowest somatic cell count of any U.S. breed.

Other attributes of the breed include ease of calving, longevity, ease of management and economy of production.  The breed is hardy, thriving in areas affected with extreme cold to extreme heat.  The breed is noted for its low somatic-cell milk with a high protein-to-fat ratio.

The Milking Shorthorn cow is strong and vigorous, but not coarse.  Mature cows weigh up to 635 kg.  The breed is noted for its high protein to fat ratio.

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