The Hampshire breed of hogs may well be one of the oldest original early American breeds of hogs in existence today.  The original desirable traits – hardiness, vigor, prolificacy and foraging characteristics – that they possessed have been further developed within the breed, causing steady growth in popularity and demand.

Hampshires are the leader in leanness and muscle with good carcass quality, minimal amounts of backfat and large loin eyes.  Their ability to sire winning carcasses is unequalled and they continue to set the standard for terminal sires.  Hampshire boars are becoming more aggressive, while Hampshire females have gained a reputation as great mothers that have extra longevity in the sowherd.

This “belted” breed provides terminal sire traits of leanness demanded by today’s health-conscious consumer.  The Hampshire’s ability to perform in the grow/finish area as well as the farrowing house makes this breed an all-around wise investment.

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