This rugged breed offers true performance in growth traits.  No other breed consistently gets to market sooner and with less feed than Durocs.  This breed is unmatched in its ability to convert feed into lean pork of superior quality.

In addition to their outstanding adaptability to confinement or pasture operations, Durocs will yield excellent carcasses.  The superior marbling, palatability and consistency of Duroc pork has been documented time and again in scientific trials.  Their advantage in muscle quality combined with their well-established ability to grow fast has positioned the Duroc breed as an outstanding terminal sire choice.

Durocs have a medium length and slight dish of the face.  The ears droop and are not held erect.  The breed has considerable variation in color.  An acceptable color may range from a very light golden, almost yellow color, to a very dark red that approaches mahogany.  The red is a very practical color that suits pork producers.

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