The Clydesdale is a breed of heavy draft horse developed in the early nineteenth century by farmers in the Lanarkshire (previously Clydesdale) district of Scotland. It was bred to meet not only the agricultural needs of the local farmers, but also the demands of commerce for the coalfields of Lanarkshire and for all the types of heavy haulage on the streets of Glasgow.

Heavy horses were originally developed for use in warfare to carry armor-clad knights into battle. Scottish farmers later began using some of the larger English and Flemish stallions on the smaller local mares. They eventually produced a powerful horse with a long stride and a sizable hoof, perfect for working in the soft soils of the rough Scottish farmland.

The versatility of the breed is evidenced by the increasing number of equine activities for which it is used. Popular with carriage services, the Clydesdale is well suited for the job and always attracts public admiration. Street parades are not complete without the high stepping hooves of a Clydesdale hitch passing by. Under saddle, the Clydesdale excels in many pursuits including dressage, hunter jumper, as a trail horse, and for therapeutic riding.

The modern Clydesdale horse stands between 16 and 19 hands and weighs from 1600 to 2200 lbs.

Three words -- "strength, agility and docility" -- depict in brief the main characteristics of the Clydesdale. 

The Clydesdale has a very distinctive look when compared with other draft breeds. The combination of vivid body colors, bright white faces, and long white "feathered" legs with high stepping gait and a head held high leave no question that you are looking at a Clydesdale. For anyone desiring a stylish and active yet tractable, intelligent and serviceable draft animal for work, show, or simple pleasure - the Clydesdale merits his or her most serious consideration.

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