Charolais are white or creamy-white in color, but the skin carries appreciable pigmentation.  The hair coat is usually short in summer but thickens and lengthens in cold weather.  Charolais is a naturally horned beef animal, but through the breeding-up program, where naturally polled breeds were sometimes used as foundation animals, polled Charolais have emerged as an important part of the breed.

Charolais cattle are large with mature bulls weighing from 905 kg to well over 1,135 kg and cows weighing from 565 kg to more than 910 kg.

Their increased use on the range indicates that the cows perform well under a variety of environmental conditions.  Their ability to walk, graze aggressively in warm weather, withstand reasonable cold, and raise heavy calves has pleased cattlemen.  Charolais bulls have a well-earned reputation when used in grading-up for herd improvement, especially noted when they are used in herds where size and ruggedness are lacking.

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