Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss cows are large-framed and adaptable.  They produce abundant quantities of milk under a wide range of conditions.  The average 305-day Mature Equivalent (ME) of milk production in the breed is 9,602 kg.

Brown Swiss milk is high in protein components, butterfat and nutritional value, making it desirable for cheese and other manufactured products.  Cows have correct feet and legs, which allow them to stay in the milking herd for more lactations than many other breeds.

The Brown Swiss breed has many other traits that are very positive factors for dairying.  A strong attribute of Brown Swiss is their adaptability to all climatic conditions and terrain.   

  1. Brown Swiss are exceptionally heat tolerant compared to any other U.S. dairy breed. 
  2. Brown Swiss have extremely strong feet and legs, which help them to handle rough conditions and terrain.  Originating from the Swiss Alps, they are hardy and adaptable to different altitudes. 
  3. Brown Swiss have dark pigmentation of the skin around their eyes, which helps to avoid pinkeye disease problems. 
  4. Brown Swiss are more resistant to problems from insects, particularly ticks.
  5. The Brown Swiss breed crosses extremely well with native cattle.  Many countries have made substantial progress in upgrading their native cattle in milk and meat production by crossbreeding them with Brown Swiss. 

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