Beef cattle genetics from the United States is highly sought after throughout the world.  American live animals, semen and embryos are ever increasing in demand.  With the highest health standards, an excellent transportation system and the latest in technology, American beef cattle genetics can be quickly and efficiently transported to any place in the world.

The U.S. beef industry is big business, made up of more than 1 million businesses, farms and ranches operating in 50 states.  The U.S. beef industry is also a very efficient industry.  While the United States has less than 10 percent of the world’s cattle inventory, it produces nearly 25 percent of the world’s beef supply.

  • Uniformity has a major economic impact on cattle production – U.S. beef producers have long been implementing practices to reduce variability.
  • The most important practice is employing good genetics in the operation.
  • In the breeding program, bull selection is the foundation for building a profitable beef herd – sire selection is the major tool available for changing the genetic potential of a herd.


  • The United States has diversified environments – ranging from tropical to arctic.
  • Because of this wide diversification, U.S. beef cattle genetics is also quite diversified.  U.S. beef cattle genetics can fit the environmental needs of any country in the world.
  • Cattlemen throughout the United States are also widely diversified, with herd sizes ranging from small to very large.
  • The one underlying facet of all U.S. genetic improvement is quality.  Environmental adaptation, meat quality and tenderness, as well as reproduction, milk production and growth, are constantly undergoing improvement.
  • It all adds up to U.S. beef cattle genetics superior to any other source in the world.

Universities, along with private companies, conduct state-of-the-art beef cattle genetic evaluation programs throughout the world.  With nearly 750,000 seedstock beef cattle registered through more than 50 breed registries each year, and with performance databases exceeding 40 million animals, vast amounts of information are available to aid world cattlemen in improving their herds.


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American beef cattle genetics is vast, diversified and high quality.  Beef cattle genetics found in the U.S. will improve the cattle population of any country in the world.

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