Ayrshires are red and white, and purebred Ayrshires only produce red and white offspring.  Strong and rugged, Ayrshires are medium-sized cattle and should weigh over 545 kg at maturity.  They adapt to all management systems, including group handling on dairy farms with free stalls and milking parlors.  Ayrshires excel in udder conformation and are not subject to excessive foot and leg problems. 

The breed will do very well under pasture conditions and, when pastures are poor, they need less grain to keep them in condition.  Few other breeds can match the ability of the Ayrshire to rustle and forage for themselves under adverse feeding or climatic conditions.  They respond to good management and feeding practices and individual Ayrshire herds average as high as 7,711 kg of milk and 318 kg of butterfat.  Some of the higher-producing herds average over 10,932 kg of milk and 410 kg of butterfat.

Other traits that make Ayrshires attractive to the dairyman include the vigor of Ayrshire calves, which are strong and easy to raise.

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