Arabian Horse

Arabians are the oldest pure breed of horse.  Nearly unchanged throughout the ages, the purebred Arabian is virtually identical to those ridden in ancient Arabia.  Long eyelashes protected the eyes from sand while large nostrils assured easy breathing in a hot, dry climate.  Likewise, the Arabian’s deep chest, strong joints and good lungs guaranteed the ability to carry its owner across the large stretches of their desert homeland.

For thousands of years, Arabians lived among the desert tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, bred as war mounts for quick raids into enemy camps.  The harsh desert climate required these Bedouin tribesmen to share food and water – and even tents – with their horses.  As a result, Arabians developed a strong desire for human companionship that carries forward today.

Over the centuries, the Bedouin maintained strict purity of the breed.  The Arabian is the only breed whose blood has been preserved for more than five thousand years and has contributed, in varying degrees, to the development of every popular breed of horse ridden today.

Most identifiable characteristics are a finely chiseled head, dished face, long arching neck and high tail carriage.  In color, Arabians are bay, gray, chestnut and black, with an occasional roan.  Common markings are snips or blaze faces, white feet or stockings.

Today’s Arabians also are recognized for their extraordinary intelligence, stamina and trainability.  Arabians excel in a wide variety of activities, both on the trail and in the show ring.  As an endurance horse, the Arabian has no equal.  Show classes in English, hunter and western pleasure, cutting, reining, jumping, dressage and more provide opportunities at both all-Arabian events and open breed shows, making them the perfect horse for family members of all ages.

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