Generations of hard-working U.S. Angus breeders have spent years perfecting their product, adopting the latest technologies, studying performance data, analyzing markets and consulting industry experts.  Today's cattle producers seek seedstock that make their work easier while providing positive economic returns.

The ability of the Angus breed to fulfill producer expectations has become increasingly apparent since the black-hided breed made its debut in the United States in 1873.  Since that time, prudent producers worldwide have recognized the breed's ability to introduce functionality and value into their herds, while cutting operating costs, reducing time and labor requirements, balancing traits, and boosting profits.

The Angus breed offers genetic advantages that can fulfill producer's unique set of herd management requirements, including calving ease, growth, unsurpassed carcass quality, ample milk, fertility and good disposition.

Angus cattle produce results that satisfy producer and consumer needs.


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