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The search for superior genetics begins and ends in the United States

 The United States is recognized as the global leader in livestock production and     efficiency, due primarily to its superior livestock genetics.

U.S. producers combine top genetics with proven production technology to produce superior seedstock for progressive breeders all around the world.

Our Mission

At USLGE, our mission is to better serve world markets with superior livestock genetics from leading, progressive livestock breeders in the United States.

Come to the Source

 USLGE is a non-profit, nationwide trade association that brings together a broad base of U.S. livestock organizations.

We represent the international marketing interests of the dairy, beef, swine, sheep/goat, and horse breeding industries.  Our members also include the embryo and semen industry, livestock export sector, plus federal and state departments of        agriculture.

Support for maximizing your return on investment

Our main goal is to export superior livestock genetics.  However, we also provide technology and service to support your investment.

There is no greater source

The combined resources of USLGE members include most major species and breeds, resources that are unmatched by any other single organization.  This unique, broad-based team offers you more sources for superior performance-oriented genetics than any other group in the world.

We are ready to direct you to the breed association, export company or government agency that offers the technology and services for you to be successful in your country.

Come along on our tour!

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